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Rust Check Traditional

Rust Check : Original Fluid Film

Rust Check is a premier automobile body panel protectant that has been used successfully since 1973. It is a light liquid product that is applied inside body sections as a pressurized spray.

Crevice areas hidden inside body sections, such as joints, folds, seams, and spot welds therein are the places where corrosion starts and spreads from. Rust Check has the light liquid consistency and the active additives necessary to penetrate deeply into and protect the many vulnerable crevices found in today’s vehicles. Rust Check protects metals by displacing moisture and treating the surfaces with highly effective corrosion inhibitors. The corrosion inhibitors form an adsorbed (bonded) layer on the metal surfaces. This microscopic layer acts like a series of tiny umbrellas, shielding the surfaces from water molecules. Just as a car battery will not work without its electrolyte, metal corrosion will not occur if moisture does not contact the metal.

Coat & Protect

Coat & Protect : Amber/Dripless

As an option, Rust Check offers a unique two step application process designed specifically to provide highly effective corrosion protection, while offering substantial cosmetic benefits in the under carriage appearance of your vehicle.

Rust Check Coat & Protect is a thicker version of Rust Check that forms a moisture and abrasion-resistant protective coating that retains the same highly effective characteristics as Rust Check and is highly self-healing. Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for your vehicle undercarriage, as well as a more attractive appearance. We offer Dripless as an under only, an add on, or you get it in our Gold and Platinum packages. Please Note: Dripless will still drip, it just drips less than the Traditional. Applications on or right before hot days may result in more dripping than normal.

Coat & Protect Black

Coat & Protect : Black

The Ultimate Rust Check for Trucks and SUVs is now available! The Black Coat keeps your frame and undercarriage looking good and protects it from corrosion.

It is also a penetrating formula that moves through rust (like our Amber Coat & Protect) to protect the solid metal underneith. We apply it to your wheel wells, outside frame, and axles. It is Self-healing and does not dry or crack, making it perfect for both old or new vehicles. We offer Black as an under only, an add on, or in our NEW Platinum Package.

Services and Pricing

For quotes and exact pricing call 613-542-2305

Under Only Treatments ... Starting at $79.95
Treatment of Underside of vehicle only. Great option for winter stored, Classic vehicles, trailers and more!

Competitive Treatment ... Starting at $139.95
Base Treatment commonly offered to treat First to rust areas.

Traditional Treatments ... Starting at $149.95
Upgrade your Base Treament to recieve up to one third more coverage than offered anywhere else.

Gold Package : Any vehicle ... $224.95
Double the protection. Thicker abrasion resistant Dripless on underside of vehicle. Penetrating traditional in all sheet metal hallows. Includes a free full mid year re-spray!

Platinum Package: Any vehicle ... $244.95
The best of the best! Penetrating formula of traditional combined with Dripless abrasion protection and our new Black for areas such as your frame and wheel wells. Also includes a free full mid year re-spray!

Additional Services & Add Ons

Add on to any of the above packages to get the exact treatment You want.

Vehicle Inspection ... FREE
Our FREE Inspection is excellent when considering a New to You vehicle, or if you have a vehicle you're not sure if it's worth rust proofing. This is NOT a safety inspection, but we can give you an idea of whats going on with the vehicle.

Dripless ... $25
Dripless (Amber Coat & Protect) provides an abrasion protection for the underside of your vehicle. This gel coating will not crack, peel, or trap moisture against your vehicle like tars, waxes or paints.

Black ... $50
Black Coat & Protect provides an abrasion protection, but also makes your frame look like new again! Black Coat & Protect is also a gel coating that will not crack, peel or trap moisture. Pricing varies by package, call 613-542-2305 for more details.

No Hole Treatment ... $30
Have a show car? Not comfortable with holes being drilled in your vehicle? Our technitions recieve extra training and skill to treat all areas from the existing manufactures holes already in your vehicle. Please note this may also require more time. Up to 30 min longer on some vehicles.

Touch Up Upgrades ... $30
Re Spray the underside of your vehicle between 5 - 8 months after a Full Treatment to give it a bit of extra protection. Various packages include a light touch up Free of Charge.

Grit Wash ... $30
Is the underside of your vehicle caked in mud? Don't get dirty crawling under your vehicle, stop in and enjoy a coffee while our Technition does the hard work for you!

Various Merchandise ... Varying Prices
Rust Check Kingston carries a good range of product to help you with your rust proofing needs, as well as items to show off your love for Rust Check! Stop in today to see what we carry. (Online gallery of products coming soon)