About Us

A few words about us

Bruce Hector purchased the Rust Check dealership in 1984 and was originaly located on Queens Street. Later when he needed to expand, Rust Check moved to 102 Fraser Street, where we are located now.

Bruce's philosophy was to give customers great service and top quality rust proofing. The personal aspect was also important, and Bruce was dedicated to treating his customers as #1.

His philosophy is carried through still today under the guidance of James Buckler, current General Manager.

From the managers to the Technicians we focus on hiring the right type of individual. We look for certain qualities, one of them being attention to detail. We aim to do the job properly and treat each car as if it were our own. It is not about how many vehicles we can do. It's about rust proofing each vehicle as if it were our own.

Why we are different

When it comes to rust-proofing applications, there are two general categories: Rust Check, and everything else. Rust Check outperforms all conventional oil, tar and wax-based products in terms of protection and effectiveness. While the latter do little more than cover up the metal in your vehicle, Rust Check creeps into the hard to access, rust-prone areas like doors, pillars, frame members, fenders, engine compartments and cavernous undercarriage areas.

We look at treating your vehicle for safety. The side effects are a good looking vehicle without rust.

  • Firstly, RUST CHECK penetrates welded seams, crevices and provides excellent protection for these corrosion-prone areas. Sealants are not as effective in protecting these vital areas.
  • RUST CHECK does not require shiny clean metal surfaces for good adhesion and is effective on both used and new vehicles. While Rust Check will not reverse existing corrosion damage, it will drastically reduce its progression.
  • RUST CHECK is a unique electro-chemical compound that contains Self-Healing Properties.
  • RUST CHECK dispels moisture trapped in seams and crevices; “Sealants” usually trap moisture in these corrosion-prone areas.
  • RUST CHECK “Unlike Sealants” is non-drying; it remains mobile and will never dry, crack or peel.
  • RUST CHECK lubricates as it protects against corrosion.
  • RUST CHECK “Unlike Sealants” does not contain any offensive odours or potentially toxic petroleum solvents.
  • RUST CHECK will not damage painted surfaces and any over spray can be easily cleaned off.
  • RUST CHECK is completely reapplied each and every year to maintain a high on-going level of protection. “Sealants” usually are just inspected or touched-up.
  • RUST CHECK offers annually renewable warranties with unlimited mileage and transferable ownership for new and qualified used vehicles.