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Why Choose Rust Check Kingston?

Rust Check is a rust proofing specialist location established in 1984. Rust proofing is all that we do. Our customer service is focused on you and your vehicle. Our Technicians are fully trained each season to keep up to date with all makes and models.
When it comes to rust-proofing applications, there are two general categories: Rust Check, and everything else. Rust Check outperforms all conventional oil, tar and wax-based products in terms of protection and effectiveness. While the latter do little more than cover up the metal in your vehicle, Rust Check creeps into the hard to access, rust-prone areas like doors, pillars, frame members, fenders, engine compartments and cavernous undercarriage areas.

With Rust Check, you get a product that:

  • Has been time tested and proven for over 30 years
  • Will inhibit the progression of rust in problem areas
  • Has worked for over 1,000,000 satisfied customers
  • Preserves wiring connections and electronic components, ultimately saving you money
  • Is suitable for both new vehicles and older vehicles that have been treated with other inadequate rust prevention coatings

  • Read more about our history here.


    Rust Check Kingston offers the widest range of service packages to meet your needs and budget.

    Traditional * Coat & Protect (Dripless) * Black Coat & Protect * Free Inspections * Fleets * Price List
      Our Services include (but not limited to):
    • Free Warranty on *new Vehicles
    • Free corrosion Inspections
    • Affordable, $79.95 to $219.95
    • No huge up-front payments
    • Mailed or Emailed Yearly Reminder
    • Emailed 6 Month Touch Up Reminders
    • Car care advice
    • Take Home Products
    • And so much more!

    Meet Our Team

    Everyone in the office has spent some time in the shop to understand the process. We aim to provide you with the best possible customer service, from fresh coffee, a smile, to a veiwing window where you can watch our technicians treating your vehicle.

    James Buckler

    General Manager

    Sommer Campbell

    Office Manager


    Lead Hand Technician

    Contact us:

    Rust Check Kingston
    102 Fraser Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 2J2

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
    Saturday 8am to 2pm, By Apt. Only
    Sunday Closed

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